Signia's Styletto hearing aids combine stylish design, rechargeability and the best technology to create a unique piece of HEARWEAR™ – the right fit for a fashion designer.


Styletto Lifestyles: The Fashion Designer

Aesthetic is something that you would take seriously if you were a fashion designer like Cathy. Work like hers comes from a deep understanding of what makes things beautiful. To match this keen sense of style, Signia offers a hearing aid that melds with Cathy’s self-image. Styletto is more than just a hearing aid, it's high-tech HEARWEAR™.

On paper, mannequins, and with a runway, Cathy is an expert at creating wearable art. Her trained eye allows her to transform a few swatches of fabric into an entire concept. While she started off drawing concepts and designing clothes with an old sewing machine, she’s now the creator and director of her own fashion collection. If you were a designer like Cathy, you would share her concerns how hearing loss could affect a career.

She thought that hearing aids would clash with her self-image and make it difficult to express herself and interact with her clients confidently. However, Styletto changed her mind.

Look Your Best, And Feel It Too

Similar in shape to the heel of a stiletto shoe, Signia’s Styletto hearing aids combine fashion and tech to create a fully unique piece of hearwear. Signia has created a stylish, fully functional hearing aid that provides the same clear sound as all modern Signia hearing aids while offering a completely new shape and appearance. For Cathy, this feature is invaluable. Her life revolves around making things beautiful, so wearing a hearing device that complements her sense of style does wonders for her self-confidence.

Styletto sits comfortably behind her ear and is nearly invisible to the average onlooker. If they do notice the device, it can be easily mistaken for another type of advanced tech. The color options let her customize her hearing aids to the fullest extent, giving her the freedom to pick a design she enjoys seeing. As someone that strives towards beauty, rose gold and snow white is her favorite color combination.

Styletto Wherever You Go

Cathy’s lifestyle is an active one. Between photo shoots, meetings with her models, and runway shows, she’s constantly interacting with the world around her. Even when she’s designing by herself, she’s listening to music and moving from one cafe to another. She doesn’t have time to drop everything and find a pharmacy that sells hearing aid batteries. Styletto’s portable rechargeability solves this problem.

Styletto is powered by lithium-ion batteries, so no disposable batteries are required. She can wear her hearing aids for a full day on just one charge, and even that doesn’t mark the end of her adventure. Styletto hearing aids come with a portable charging case, which holds three more full charges. This means she can travel and hear with Styletto up to four days at a time without going near a wall socket!

If you are a meticulous professional like Cathy, this convenient handling is more than a bonus, it’s a necessity. Once she gets going, she can’t let anything hold her back. Luckily, her new hearing aids can keep up with her every step of the way.

By combining premium hearing technology with a uniquely beautiful design, Styletto offers a true-to-life hearing experience and the freedom to express yourself in style. You can find more information on our Styletto product page and find your nearest hearing care professional with our online store finder.