Thanks to the world's first Own Voice Processing (OVP) the latest generation of Signia hearing aids preserve the familiar sound of your own voice.


Signia Hearing Aids Deliver the Sound That Nature Intended

The latest generation of Signia hearing aids with direct audio streaming from iPhone and TV improve your hearing experience to a remarkable new level and preserve the familiar sound of your own voice – thanks to the world's first Own Voice Processing (OVP).

Hearing aid wearers are often in two minds: On the one hand, they are happy to be able to hear what other people are saying and the sounds of their surroundings better than before. On the other hand, they are disappointed because their own voice suddenly seems strange, often loud, and at any rate unnnatural.

Signia’s new discreet state-of-the-art hearing aids replicate the natural experience of hearing everything in harmony. They also offer direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV via Bluetooth. And the revolutionary myHearing smartphone app serves as the hearing care professional in your pocket for virtual home visits and remote support.

Following several years of research and development, Signia hearing aids are now the first in the world to successfully replicate the natural sound of their wearer’s own voice thanks to a revolutionary technology: Own Voice Processing (OVP). By processing the own voice signal from the wearer’s mouth to the hearing aid microphones completely independently from the acoustic environment – including other voices – Signia hearing aids give their users the most natural all-round hearing experience.

Replicating nature with Own Voice Processing

The voice is a fundamental component of our identity: The sound of our spoken words accompanies us from early childhood. Therefore, many hard of hearing people complain of a degree of losing their identity when they use conventional hearing aids: their own voice can sound unfamiliar. Signia is now the first hearing aid brand in the world to solve this problem without the compromises associated with previous industry practices that can limit the sound quality of the acoustic environment and other voices.

A new high-performance chip and state-of-the-art microphones enable wearers to hear at a remarkable new level and preserve the familiar sound of their own voice so they enjoy all the sounds of life in their full richness and clarity. The new Signia hearing aids Pure 312, Pure 13, and Motion 13 not only reproduce the own voice in a way that is true to nature. They also allow the voices of conversation partners to be heard crystal-clear even in loud hearing situations and help to localize sounds precisely, all by keeping the soundscape harmonious.

Fully connected hearing

The new Signia hearing aids offer an unprecedented level of connectivity. Bluetooth Made for iPhone delivers the most effective direct streaming from iOS devices and TV so wearers can stream phone calls and music directly into their hearing aids. And with the StreamLine TV accessory, they can also experience the audio of their favorite TV shows and movies in glorious Dolby Digital quality through their hearing aids.

Another unique advantage of the new Signia hearing aids is the possibility to receive remote hearing support from a hearing care professional. This can include virtual home visits for remote adjustments with optional video calls between the wearer’s smartphone and the professional’s practice. All that is needed for such virtual home visits is the free myHearing App from Signia and a compatible smartphone.

Find out more about our new products by following the link: https://www.signia-hearing.com/hearing-aids/