Hear Well, Live Actively

Going out, playing sports, listening to music – if we can no longer hear well, we usually stop enjoying recreational activities. Many of us then withdraw more and more from social life when they cannot hear well. The new Signia hearing aids ensure that people who are hard of hearing can regain the ability to effortlessly understand their conversation partners and enjoy music.

“Should we meet at the cafe?” – a simple question that for many is not easy to answer: Of course you would like to meet up with friends and family to discuss the latest news. But what if you cannot understand your conversation partner? It is already difficult to hear other people’s voices in a quiet home, not to mention in the lively environment of a cafe. A “no” is often accompanied by excuses to conceal the actual cause: That you simply cannot hear well. When hearing loss slowly creeps into your life, in many cases cherished activities are stolen away because you simply no longer enjoy them: such as eating at your favorite restaurant, bowling in a sports club or going to concerts. Because you have to make a real effort to understand something or can listen to music only to a limited extent. This affects your overall well-being. The result: Many people withdraw from social life when they cannot hear well. Hearing loss can be offset and the lost joy of life can be regained. With Signia hearing aids, hearing is easy and effortless again – even in challenging hearing situations.

Following conversations word-for-word

To be able to participate in social life, it is particularly important to understand one’s conversation partner. Therefore, one of the core functions of the new Signia hearing aids is a technology called “SPEECH,” which allows the user to follow a conversation unrestricted. It highlights the voice of the conversation partner effectively so that it can be understood clearly and with a pleasant tone. In environments with diverse ambient noise, the technology activates the directivity of the microphone and automatically sets the exact filter functions depending on the noise, even with competing speech signals, in order to dampen the background noise around the hearing aid wearer. So chatting in a cafe, meeting at the pub or going to the movies is fun again.

Innovative functions for special hearing situations

The new hearing aid generation from Signia also offers excellent hearing in special listening situations to increase the wearer’s quality of life even further. For example, when listening to music, the hearing aids’ HD music program transfers the sounds to the ears in sonorous, rich HD quality. This applies both to listening to the home stereo as well as when attending a live concert or even performing yourself as a musician or singer. People with hearing loss can delight in taking up their musical hobbies again thanks to the latest Signia hearing aids.
More information about our Signia hearing aids are available at https://www.signia-hearing.com/.