Signia myHearing App: Personal Care, Anywhere

With your new Signia hearing aids, you now experience more than the best hearing aid technology.

With your new Signia hearing aids, you now experience more than the best hearing aid technology. You also enjoy the gold standard in support thanks to Signia’s revolutionary myHearing App, developed by our audiology experts. Now you can become an experienced hearing aid wearer in as little time as possible.

The app provides you with all the support tools you and your Hearing Care Professional need to guide you through a successful hearing aid trial: guided assistance, personal progress monitoring and the CareChat communication channels to talk to your Hearing Care Professional, wherever you are.

Hearing success made simple

In just 10 minutes a day, the myHearing App helps you

  • learn about your hearing aids so you become familiar more quickly.
  • provide feedback on your experience for better individualization.
  • contact your personal Hearing Care Professional for support wherever you are.

Experience shows that professional counseling and guidance as well as well-structured listening exercises are critical in ensuring wearers’ satisfaction with their hearing aids. Thanks to the new app, it’s now easier than ever for you to get the help you need and enjoy a higher standard of care even after you have left your Hearing Care Professional’s office.

The app helps you in three innovative ways:

Let yourself be guided to hearing success

Get familiar with your new hearing aids faster than ever before thanks to engaging step-by-step listening exercises and guided assistance. Ensure your personal progress by sending feedback and satisfaction ratings directly to your Hearing Care Professional.

Control and understand your hearing aids

Remotely control your hearing aids and enjoy easy access to frequently asked questions and a user guide. These tools enable you to address many issues without delay.

Stay in touch with your Hearing Care Professional

Communicate with your Hearing Care Professional via text, voice or video CareChat for a new standard in personal support. Benefit from advice and troubleshooting wherever you are, reducing the amount of follow-up appointments.

The myHearing App is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store® or Google Play™. Your Hearing Care Professional will typically help you download and install the app at the shop so it is ready for use.

Visit myHearing for download information.

The Signia myHearing App works with most Android and iOS devices.