With style and functionality, Signia created Styletto hearing aids as a change of pace for people with hearing loss. It's a piece of high tech that does more than enable hearing.


Aesthetic, Efficient and Empowering

The stylish new Styletto from Signia is transforming how we think and feel about hearing aids. The new-look design challenges where we draw the line between hearing aids and stylish accessories, creating HEARWEAR™ that empowers wearers to live how they choose.

While they might differ in color and shape, many hearing aids share a similar look. Signia created Styletto as a change of pace, one that allows people with hearing loss to find a more fitting alternative. For those who feel uncomfortable with traditional models, they might find something completely different in Styletto. By combining fashion and functionality, this revolutionary new form redefines stylish hearing aid design.

Breaking Out of the Mold

While the idea of hearwear is not new, hearing aid manufacturers have struggled to capture the art of combining style and functionality. The existing blueprint for behind-the-ear hearing aids already exists, and it works just fine. For many manufacturers, there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken. However, there’s a large portion of hearing aid wearers who disagree.

They want a hearing aid that is not only comfortable but aesthetically pleasing and unique. Each person who is hard of hearing is an individual, so assigning a uniform shape to everyone limits their freedom. For this reason, many people with hearing loss choose not to use hearing aids at all. If being fitted means you will have to forfeit your sense of style, you might think it’s not worth it.

Styletto is designed to solve this problem. It’s a fresh take on the concept of hearwear; one that introduces a stylish new shape with uniquely beautiful lines. It comes in a number of colors, including jewelry tones like rose gold and silver. Nestling comfortably behind your ears, it’s virtually unnoticeable at first glance and simply appears like a sleek piece of jewelry or tech to an unknowing onlooker.

Empowering People, Inspiring Lifestyles

Styletto hearing aids are more than just accessories, however. Complete with lithium-ion batteries, Styletto is designed to provide stylish high-tech hearing on the go. The devices come with a portable charging case for recharging and can last a full day in between charges. If your lifestyle requires frequent traveling, being able to move freely is a necessity. Styletto’s portable rechargeability is a unique feature, offering an incredible 4 days of wearing free from plugs and cables: The hearing aids contain one day’s charge and the fully charged case gives you another 3 days of rechargeability.

This convenient handling means that hearing aids don’t hold people back. Styletto wearers can take a long weekend trip to another country or enjoy a roadtrip with friends and family. The convenient handling enables you to focus on what’s important. Because hearing aids should help your career and social life, not hinder them.

Revisiting A Familiar Concept

When you look at Styletto’s behind-the-ear design, it’s similar to how you wear another helpful accessory.

Over the years, glasses have gone from a necessity to an accessory. There are hundreds of styles available, with wearers choosing from a variety of colors and shapes. They offer a new way for people to express themselves, and people take pride in how they look while wearing them. The shape is comfortable, and people slowly forget they’re wearing them entirely. They take them off before bed and slip them on in the morning like normal.

Glasses have become a part of people’s lives, and hearwear is the same concept. With Styletto, Signia has created a piece of high tech that does more than enable hearing. Styletto empowers wearers while offering the same freedom of expression that glasses do: Simply pick a color design that fits your personality and start choosing your own adventure.