What do a stylish appearance, portable rechargeability and Own Voice Processing have in common when it comes to hearing aids? Signia Styletto!


Complete Convenience: Style meets Performance

With the stylish new Styletto hearing aids from Signia, there's more than meets the eye. Crystal-clear sound quality, portable rechargeability, and Own Voice Processing are just a few of the high-tech features these uniquely beautiful hearing aids have to offer because there's a lot more under the surface.

It’s impressive, how much technology we can fit into the palm of our hands. We have pocket-sized computers, powerful processors that can fit in our laps, and data that can be sent through the air. Like smartphones and laptops, hearing aids are progressing too.

We’re a long way from the first hearing aids, which were far larger and far more complicated. Modern hearing aids sit comfortably behind our ears and are so small they can be held between two fingers. Styletto from Signia marks the next step in this evolution. While its stylish appearance is a big point in its favor, it offers more than just looks.

More Than Just A Pretty Device

The design of Styletto accentuates its efficiency. The lithium-ion battery inside is pin-shaped, allowing the hearing aid to take on a more aesthetically pleasing look. This style makes it an attractive accessory, but it’s a piece of hearwear — not jewelry. To benefit people with hearing loss, it needs to give them a full, natural sound.

Signia has combined style and performance with Styletto. It offers a crystal clear, natural-sounding environment to its wearers as well as our unique Own Voice Processing (OVP). OVP processes your own voice completely independently from all other voices so that both sound as natural as possible. By using the latest Signia technology, Styletto provides the best hearing aids have to offer — and then some. While its appearance shouldn’t be overlooked, there’s a lot to be found under the casing of these devices.

Wherever You Go, It Follows

For those that lead active lifestyles, portable rechargeability is a must. Many hard of hearing people who use hearing aids spend extra money replacing batteries, and this is a marginal cost that can stack up against you. Even worse, it can be difficult to find hearing aid batteries while traveling. Styletto comes equipped with fully rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These last a full day in between charges, giving you time to live your life and charge them while you sleep.

However, there’s still the matter of recharging your hearing aids on the move. You can’t have your hearing aids run out of power while you’re away from home, and getting stuck in a foreign country with no means of recharging is a nightmare. Styletto’s portable charging case solves that issue too. Holding an additional three full charges before needing a boost, the charging case ensures you always have a fresh power supply wherever you go.

Whether you’re paying a visit to relatives a few hours away or flying to a weekend city getaway, there’s no need to find a wall socket for four days if your hearing aids and charging case are fully charged! This gives you the freedom to pave your own road forward, without being held back by your hearing loss. Enjoy the world around you, and don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.