Guitarist Dane Drewis has battled with hearing loss as a direct consequence of years playing live music. Styletto Connect allows him to hear every note & fits his lifestyle.


Musician Dane Drewis: “This Hearing Aid Actually Looks Cool - It’s the Best of All Worlds in Sound and Style!”

Guitarist Dane Drewis has battled with hearing loss as a direct consequence of years playing live music. But now he has found a hearing aid that not only allows him to hear every word and note but also fits his lifestyle perfectly: Styletto Connect from Signia.

Looking back, Dane Drewis wishes he had used hearing protection when he was younger. The guitarist followed in the footsteps of his musical heroes Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan and made a name for himself playing in various bands since his college days in California. Making music is in his blood because his mother, who is originally from Korea, and his father played together in bands for more than 30 years. But his hearing deteriorated due to his regular exposure to loud music on the live circuit – especially standing in front of pounding drumkits.

“When you’re an old-school musician like me, you like to play off other musicians, feed off the drummer and you really want to hear every nuance,” Dane explains. “The flip side is that it’s so loud on stage that you become hard of hearing.”

It started with mild tinnitus – a ringing in his ears after playing a show that was gone by the next day. But soon, Dane noticed that his hearing had been affected permanently. “I noticed it during conversations. Someone would be talking across the room and everyone else would hear but I realized I had just missed something. I had to start concentrating much more when people were talking to me. If my back was turned, I just couldn’t hear them. It was also tough listening back to recordings in the studio and having to rely on other people’s judgement because I couldn’t fully trust my own ears anymore.”

Styletto Connect hearing aids “a huge improvement”

Conventional hearing aids, however, did not suit Dane’s creative and dynamic lifestyle. Until he encountered the new Styletto Connect hearing aids from Signia. These stylish rechargeable devices with premium sound and full Bluetooth connectivity are more than just hearing aids – they are stylish hearwear that Dane enjoys using.

“This is the first hearing aid that looks so sleek and clean. And it has a much fuller sound than other hearing aids I’ve tried – the best I’ve heard. It’s also by far the easiest to wear because it looks cool. For a long time, you had to face the stigma of big and clunky hearing aids but Styletto Connect is elegant and high-tech, it’s a huge improvement.”

Bluetooth & charger make Styletto perfect for Dane’s active lifestyle

Dane also loves the fact that Styletto Connect has Bluetooth because it allows him to listen to music on the go by streaming it directly from his smartphone into his hearing aids. And he can hear phone calls in crystal clear sound in exactly the same way, which is essential while on the road promoting his latest album “Be Your Beast”.

Another unique advantage of Styletto Connect is the pocket-sized charger. With this, Dane can use the hearing aids for up to four days on the road without having to go near a wall socket or cable to charge them. “The charging case is really useful when you have an erratic schedule. You know the hearing aids are going to work even when you don’t know where exactly you’re going to be at a particular time.”

Dane is so thrilled with Styletto Connect that he would recommend them to others in his situation without hesitation. “Give it a shot,” he says. “I don’t know any other hearing aids that come close. The fact that they not only offer great sound but you can also sync them with your phone and they have charging-on-the-go makes them a great choice. I think these hearing aids blend together new technologies for the best of all worlds.”

How Dane protects his hearing on stage

Dane has learned to look after his hearing to prevent it from deteriorating further by using high-tech molded earplugs when he steps on stage. And he is encouraged that many younger musicians that he encounters on tour are doing the same to protect their hearing from the start.

And even if some younger musicians will still require hearing aids, Dane thinks Styletto Connect has the right look and feel for them too. “These hearing aids will open the door to someone who has hearing loss and is always on the go. They don’t have to worry because it looks funky. It fits my self-image and lifestyle for sure.”

Discover more about our unique Styletto Connect hearing aids here on our website!

For more information about Dane Drewis and his music visit www.danedrewis.com. You can also follow him on Instagram and YouTube and hear his latest album “Be Your Beast” on Spotify and iTunes.

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