For a better hearing experience, Signia hearing aid users can sync their iPhones with their hearing aids for crisper, more immersive sound.


Enjoy Music with your iPhone and Hearing Aids

Apple Music is an app included on all iPhones. For a better hearing experience, Signia hearing aid users can sync their phones with their hearing aids for crisper, more immersive sound. Enjoy music without the hassle of headphones, wires, and outside sound.


For many hearing aid wearers, music is something that needs to be enjoyed through speakers. It’s saved for car rides or parties, or times when they can play it aloud. Headphones may be uncomfortable or unpleasant, and they may prefer to listen through speakers. This limits their experiences, and makes it difficult for them to enjoy music privately. However, Signia wireless hearing aids eliminate the need for speakers, headphones, and wires entirely.

With Bluetooth capability, your hearing aids connect wirelessly to your iPhone. This means you can stream music directly to your hearing aids with no hassle or extra devices. Your hearing aids become headphones, so you can listen easily while on-the-move. As long as you keep your phone nearby, you can continue listening no matter where you go. Whether you’re on a walk, enjoying an evening alone, or just want to listen to music while doing something else, Signia hearing aids allow a freer, more dynamic listening experience. No speakers, wires, or headphones required.

Pairing Your Hearing Aids

Because wireless hearing aids work via Bluetooth, you need to pair your iPhone with your hearing aids before listening. Luckily, this is easy and only takes a few moments. If you’d like a visual guide, Signia has an easy-to-follow walkthrough video to help you through the process.

Before beginning, make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. Without nothing to pair with, your hearing aids won’t be able to sync with your phone. It’s also important to make sure your hearing aids are charged and ready to go. Turn them on, and navigate into your phone settings. Within the ‘General’ tab, you can find ‘Accessibility’ settings. This section contains the settings for ‘Hearing Devices’. Hit this option, and you’ll be taken to more settings. Here, make sure your hearing aids are paired.

Streaming Music with Signia

Once they’re paired, you can move on and begin listening to music. Simply open your preferred music player, and begin enjoying your favourite songs. Apple devices come with music apps installed, and you can listen to music that you’ve purchased and downloaded. However, you can also stream music with services like Spotify. Once you’ve paired your hearing aids with your phone, streaming music directly to your hearing aids is easy.

To turn your iPhone into a streamphone, you need data or Wi-Fi. Streaming is different than listening to downloaded tracks. It requires a constant connection, and allows you to listen to music that you haven’t purchased or downloaded. This also means that streamed music takes up no space on your phone, which makes services like Spotify popular among users with limited storage space.

Once you’ve downloaded Spotify, you can make an account and begin listening and creating playlists. Collect music from your favorite artists, try out new albums before buying, and experiment with music that you’ve never heard before. Your hearing experience shouldn’t be limited by headphones and other wires. These can get yanked on or tugged out, and make it difficult for you to move around while listening.


Wireless hearing aids work via Bluetooth, making it easy for you to listen on-the-go. For a seamless iPhone hearing experience, simply pair your hearing aids with your phone and begin listening. Whether you’re streaming new music or listening to tracks you’ve had forever, your hearing aids can allow you to listen privately. No interference, and no outside noise.

Plus, if you want to stream music from a Bluetooth-enabled device other than an iPhone, the new StreamLine Mic accessory provides a completely convenient way to turn your hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones and much more.