Even if you don't suffer from hearing loss yourself, these blogs can give you some insight into what it's like and how you can be more accepting.


The Best Hearing Blogs for Holiday Reading

Whether you're looking for inspirational stories, lifestyle tips, or personal anecdotes about living with hearing loss, these blogs can give you or your loved ones some valuable reading material.

The holidays are a great time to catch up on television programs, spend time with family, read new books, and browse the web for news and blogs. If you’re interested in exploring the rich world of hearing blogs, you’re in luck. There are quite a few people that have cultivated their stories and experiences into one convenient place. Whether you read a few articles or spend an afternoon browsing, you’re bound to learn something new. Even if blogs aren’t normally your thing, you’re bound to find something compelling in this list.

Living with Hearing Loss

Written by Shari Eberts, this blog documents her thoughts about hearing loss, hearing aids, and the stigma surrounding both. She uses her platform to share information about what it’s like to live with hearing loss, while answering questions that people might be too shy to ask themselves. Her work has earned her many accolades, including a seat among the Hearing Health Foundation. Living with Hearing Loss serves as a resource for those who wish to learn more, and a source of inspiration for those who suffer from hearing loss themselves.

My Hearing Loss Story

Carly was diagnosed with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in one ear, and she’s used it as an opportunity to document her life, her progress, and her unique experience with single-sided hearing loss, or SSD. On My Hearing Loss Story, you can find unique insights, posts about Carly’s personal life, and information about living with hearing loss. Because everyone goes through life differently, the experiences of one person with hearing loss might be very different from another. However, blogs like these help people remember that there is always a chance for understanding and solidarity.

The Invisible Disability and Me

The Invisible Disability And Me follows Laura, a 29 year old that suddenly lost her hearing in the winter of 2014. She found that the internet was lacking in personal blogs about living with hearing loss and wanted to raise awareness by curating her own. By sharing personal experiences with profound hearing loss, she has gathered an audience of hearing and non-hearing readers who want to learn more. She posts about hearing aid news, provides tips on how to live with hearing loss, and writes about her personal experiences with cochlear implants. She has written a book, and her email is open to those who want her advice or thoughts on a subject.

Rikki Poynter

If reading blogs isn’t quite your style, perhaps vlogs might suit you better. Rikki Poynter produces videos encouraging awareness and understanding. She also talks about the importance of accessibility, along with a number of other hearing-related topics. While many people with hearing loss feel silenced by the world around them, Rikki Poynter is using her voice to encourage others to do the same. Her videos are subtitled using closed captioning, and she uses spoken and sign language to communicate with her viewers. Regardless of how you prefer to communicate, there is a way for you to enjoy her content.

Limping Chicken

If you’re looking for a united effort, Limping Chicken has over 200 deaf contributors. The articles and stories are edited by Charlie Swinbourne of the United Kingdom, and each article provides useful and varied information from a number of writers. You can find news, personal stories, tips, travels, and everything else. With so many writers, you’re guaranteed to find someone you can relate to, and another you can learn from. While some people with hearing loss struggle to find similar people in their day-to-day lives, blogs like these serve as an online community for those who need it.


While it’s not a blog, it is a community. Many people come to /r/Deaf to post their questions, share experiences, or talk to others. If you have never used Reddit before, it is a social media platform that allows people to make posts and respond to others. Every post made in the Deaf subreddit can be seen and interacted with, which can allow you to open dialogue with others and form friendships. Even if you’re not interested in joining the community, you can read through the posts. Many people use the subreddit to post questions and advice, so you learn something along the way.

Signia Consumer Blog

The Signia Hearing blog serves as a digital library for everything consumers need to know regarding aural health, hearing aids, and hearing loss. You can find detailed articles on hearing loss, how to prevent it, and how hearing aids function to alleviate it. Tinnitus, hearing aid accessories, and audiograms are also topics of discussion, and the blog regularly updates with new information regarding hearing health. If a topic hasn’t been covered already, there is a chance that it will be covered in the future.

Signia Professional Blog

While hearing health blogs are on the rise, Hearing Care Professional (HCP) blogs are less common. For hearing care providers that are looking for information targeted at HCPs, the Signia Pro blog offers lots of valuable information. The results of recent studies are discussed, new technology is examined, and advice is given on how to better care for hearing aid wearers. Even if you aren’t an HCP yourself, you might be curious about what goes on behind the scenes of the hearing aid industry. This blog collects information about how people interact with hearing aids and their hearing care providers, so an effort can be made on both sides to understand each other better.

While you can find information about hearing loss all over the web, there’s no better place to get it than the source. These blogs have been created and maintained by people and providers with experience regarding hearing loss. If you’re short on reading material, these blogs might give you a completely new outlook on living with hearing loss.

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