Why feels David Gellis lead guitarist for the band Blood, Sweat and Tears foolish for not haven't earlier used his Signia Charge&Go hearing aids for music and streaming?


Why Pure Charge&Go is the Best Choice for Streamers

With streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, audio streaming has become ubiquitous. However, for many of those with hearing loss, listening to music and podcasts is a bit more difficult than just hitting play. Direct streaming for hearing aids is designed to simplify that process.


Similar to how we use headphones and earbuds, hearing aids are adopting the concept of direct streaming. This allows users to hit play on one device, and hear the sound through another. By using Bluetooth connectivity, this allows wearers to enjoy music and audio, without forfeiting their ability to move freely. By streaming the audio directly to your hearing aids, you eliminate the need for cords, wires, and clunky headphones.

In situations where speakers aren’t an option, wearers can still enjoy their favorite artists in private. Whether they’re going for a walk, exercising, or just want to spend an evening relaxing, direct streaming eliminates the need for additional devices. Combined with rechargeability, Signia hearing aids are offering a fully mobile, hassle-free experience. With Pure Charge&Go Nx, you’re not held back by headphones or hearing aid batteries.

Musician Approved: David Gellis Testimony

For musician David Gellis, he needed more than a traditional hearing aid. As the lead guitarist for the band Blood, Sweat and Tears, he needed something that offered clarity and freedom. After being outfitted with Signia Charge&Go hearing aids, he realized what he was missing out on. In his testimony video, he details what it was like to simply ‘turn on’ his hearing again.

As a talented guitarist, David played a number of shows in his youth. The constant sound and loud environments led to aural damage, and he became hard of hearing as he got older. However, age and hearing loss couldn’t keep him from doing what he loved. With Signia hearing aids, he can switch between sound quality settings for every occasion. Whether he’s speaking or playing music, the control makes it easy to customize his hearing experience.

After suffering from moderate-to-severe hearing loss, he was able to hear clearly for the first time in years. “When they first turned them on,” he said in an interview, “I felt foolish for putting it off so long.”

Offering More Than Just Connectivity

While Charge&Go offers a unique, rechargeable option, they offer more than just direct streaming and lithium-ion batteries. Their sleek, compact design allows them to be worn comfortably, and they are nearly invisible at a glance. If you lead a social or professional life, or just prefer to keep your hearing aids on the down-low, these hearing aids offer a discreet appearance.

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, Charge&Go is also outfitted with OVP (Own Voice Processing) software. This feature processes your voice in real-time and lets you hear your voice in a more ‘natural’ way. For those who previously refrained from speaking, this software allows them to hear their voice how it was meant to be heard.

Signia hearing aids have been reviewed and compared with other hearing aids of its kind. In a three-part blind study, the Pure Charge&Go model won all three categories. In two of the three studies, they were the only device to earn a positive NPS (New Promoter Score).

For users that want the freedom of wireless listening and the convenience of overnight charging, Charge&Go is the ideal option. By replacing zinc-air batteries with a lithium-ion option, users can eliminate the marginal costs of hearing aid batteries entirely. The Charge&Go allows complete freedom, from what setting you use to what color the hearing aid comes in. With 11 color options, you have control over how it looks and how it sounds.