Hearing for life is more than just a saying to us. We're proud to support the aims of World Hearing Day 2020. Read on why we think hearing health is so important.


World Hearing Day 2020: Hearing for Life Is More Than Just a Concept with Signia

Raising awareness and improving hearing health, World Hearing Day 2020 is an essential celebration in our calendar. Read on to find out more.

World Hearing Day 2020: Hearing for Life Is More Than Just a Concept with Signia

World Hearing Day 2020 is here. There’s no better time of year to raise awareness of hearing loss, from hearing care to tinnitus treatment. Devised by the World Health Organisation, World Hearing Day is a celebration of everything hearing. From those of us with age-related hearing loss to individuals with sensorineural hearing loss, raising awareness is the first step to improving understanding of these conditions. Whether you suffer from hearing loss yourself, or know someone who has, World Hearing Day is a great way to celebrate all our differences.

At Signia, we’ll take any opportunity to raise awareness for hearing loss – and March 3 is the perfect opportunity. Hearing loss often isn’t the first consideration for medical care. Millions of people of all ages live with hearing loss in the US alone. Seeking treatment is vitally important to ensure better hearing. This allows us to connect with our communities, each other, and the world as a whole. World Hearing Day provides that additional awareness, with the important message this year of ‘don’t let hearing loss limit you’.

What is World Hearing Day 2020?

Created by WHO, World Hearing Day is a celebration of all things hearing-related. By providing awareness and enhancing understanding of hearing conditions, this day helps those who are hard of hearing achieve their full potential. By offering insight into solutions and treatment by hearing healthcare professionals, treatment of hearing problems can only get better. With so many people with hearing loss struggling to get the most out of their lifestyle, World Hearing Day pushes us in the right direction. Awareness and improved ear and hearing care go hand in hand, after all.

This year, WHO is focusing on several key messages. This includes the importance of hearing health overall, as well as the importance of using interventions available to reduce hearing issues over time. From noise-induced hearing loss to conductive hearing loss, understanding is the first step to treatment. World Hearing Day aims to further reduce the old.fashioned stigma surrounding hearing loss, promoting the hearing for life message. For better communication and a more fulfilling life, hearing is vital – and certainly shouldn’t be understated.

Raising awareness for the best hearing solutions

With such an important message on offer, World Hearing Day 2020 is the perfect time to get educated on the interventions available. For individuals with any of type of hearing loss, seeing a hearing care professional is step one. By accessing hearing tests and other services, it’s possible to intervene in hearing loss earlier and more effectively. That kind of message is exactly what we support – providing exceptional products to enhance your hearing experience and promote better hearing care overall. Hearing problems no longer need to be as debilitating as they once were.

Awareness is vital to supporting better hearing health. That’s what the range of products we offer at Signia aims to support. To make the most of World Hearing Day, why not get to know some of the excellent hearing aid options on offer a little better?

For active individuals

For those struggling with hearing loss that prefer a mobile solution to their issues, the Pure Charge&Go X offers the answer. Utilizing our revolutionary Signia Xperience technology, these modern hearing aids mean hearing loss doesn’t have to hold you back. Rechargeable, sleek, and able to stay in place even during physical activity. This hearing solution is highly recommended for better hearing care with full connectivity to the Signia app. If this solution sounds like an excellent fit for you, you can find out more about the Pure Charge&Go X range here.

For discretion and convenience

Discreetly designed and developed to sound as natural as possible. The Pure 312x offers the best of both worlds, without bulky design elements or complicated features. The models are a favorite for many wearers, providing directional hearing and an ergonomic fit. Combined with the Signia app, there are infinite possibilities with the Pure 312x. See more about this model here.

For connectivity and stylish design

With a unique design and convenient connectivity, the Styletto Connect isn’t your typical hearing loss solution. It looks as good as it feels. Making Styletto Connect the ideal choice for those looking to make a confident statement with their hearing aids. Sleek, fully Bluetooth-connected, and capable of streaming from your smartphone, there’s a lot to love about this model. Discover more about Styletto Connect here now.

For simplicity and invisibility

For a hearing aid that hides in plain sight, the Silk Nx is the solution. Sitting incredibly discreetly inside your ear – to the point of being nearly invisible – this model offers comfort and confidence in equal measure. With the opportunity for remote settings management on your terms, the world will never sound better. Find out more about the Silk range here.

How awareness can help to improve quality of life for thousands

Whether you’re struggling with hearing loss yourself or you know someone who is, raising awareness of this condition is extremely valuable. Our hearing is key to connecting and communicating with the rest of the world. The health of our ear canal, auditory nerve, and overall hearing can make a massive difference to our outlook on our lives – and as such, WHO’s World Hearing Day is more critical than ever. By establishing understanding and raising awareness, people with hearing loss can access better support. Our hearing aids reduce continued hearing loss due to a noisy environment, as well as age and other causes.

If you’re struggling with ongoing hearing loss, the first thing to do is see a hearing care professional. As the WHO suggests, by accessing early intervention for problems with hair cells or other parts of your ears, it’s possible to prevent hearing issues from becoming worse and more debilitating. For those who experience hearing loss as a daily part of their life, Signia is the ideal solution. You can use our handy online store locator to find your nearest hearing care professional to book a hearing test. We are dedicated in everything we do to bring crystal-clear audio clarity back into your life – and enhance what ‘normal’ sounds like to you.

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